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IMLAB is a distributor for laboratory equipment sinds 1993 in France, Belgium, Luxemburg and The Netherland.
We also export all the rest of the world

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The best way to contact IMLAB is the e-mail to 

Always give your full company name, adres, phone, fax, email

We answer only if you specify a brandname and a model for the requested equipment

We never answer for big tenders

We always ask a 100% paiement with the order.

We always work professionnaly and kindly with all our customers all over the world.

We thank you in advance to contact us !

Our main products

Balances, Baths, Circulators, Biological Safety Cabinets, Centrifuge Benchtop, floor, Chillers, CO2 incubators, Colorimeter, Conductivity, Cryogenics, Cryostats, Desiccators, Digesters, Electrochemistry, Evaporators, Furnaces, Furniture Lab, Heating Mantles, Homogenizers, Hoods filtration, Hoods - Laminar Flow, Hot Plates, Incubators, Industrial Scales (85) , Liquid Handling, Medical scales, Mills, Grinders, Mixers, Moisture Analyzers,   Ovens, Particle Size, PCR/Thermal Cycler, Peristaltic pumps, pH Meter, Polarimeter, Refractometers, Reverse osmosis, Safety Equipment, Sample Preparation, Scales, Shakers, Spectrophotometer (437) , Stirrers, Thermostate, Turbidity, Ultra Turrax, Ultrasonic baths, Ultrasonic Homogenizers, Vacuum pumps, Vacuum ovens, Viscometer, Rheometer, Water Purification, Water Treatment

Our main brand names

Analox  -  Barnstead  -  Bibby  -  Bchi  -  Cole Parmer - Elma- Erlab  -  Fritsch  -   Haake  -  Heraeus - Hielscher
Idex - Ika  -  Ismatec  -  Janke-Kunkel  -  Jenway - Kendro  -  Kern  -  KNF  -  MSEI  -  Nabertherm - Ohaus-  Retsch  -  Robot Coupe -
Sartorius  -   Stuart Scientific  -  Taylor Wharton  - Techne - Thermo - Thermofisher- Thermo Scientific - Trionyx  -  Vacuubrand  -  Werner - Worthington




Our company Imlab located in BELGIUM

IMLAB bvba
Oude Vijvers 1
B - 3370 Boutersem

Tl.:  0032 ( 0 ) 16 - 73 55 72

Our company Imlab located in FRANCE

IMLAB sarl
Centre d'Affaires de l'Horlogerie
48 rue des Canonniers
F - 59000 Lille

Tl.:  0033 ( 0 ) 3 20 55 19 11